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116 East Pine Street, Downtown Lakeland Martial arts, Florida 33801

Wing Chun Kung Fu from the modern founder (Ip Man) Yip Man is a intense realistic close combat self defense system from the Modern and Traditional Lineage of Southern style Combat Kung Fu out of the southern shaolin temple and province of China, the Wing Chun Combinations, scenario training & fighting applications will be taught to you from day one! We will also teach you Techniques in no gi Street Jiujitsu, Silat, Northern Praying mantis, Five Star Kung Fu, Pai Lum kung Fu, Krav Maga, MMA, Boxing. Learn how to fight with and against styles in Judo, Jeet Kune Do, ninjitsu, hapkido, karate, aikido and more. We will educate you in Various Styles of martial arts, Judo Jiujitsu Northern Kung Fu Jeet Kune Do Krav Maga Muay Thai Taekwondo Hapkido Aikido Karate Boxing JKD TKD, Drunken Kung Fu, street self defense, knife self defense and martial arts in stand up, ground and gun and stick attacks. We teach the Complete Combat System of Wing Chun Kung Fu under the lineage of Ip Man (Yip Man), Simon Lau, Ip Ching, Ip Chun Wong Shun Leung and Moy Yat get intense training and fitness for you and your entire family. Close Combat training in lakeland florida teaches you the true meaning of lakeland martial arts for close combat purposes.


Lakeland Martial Art Training in reality self defense in the Downtown Lakeland Martial Art Center, this is located at 116 east pine street in lakeland florida, with students traveling from brandon, tampa, orlando and more!