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Your food, what you eat and what you place in your mouth will be your Health or your Dis-ease. Every person needs to focus on an alkaline and health driven body. A body that is acidic and driven by carbohydrates such as breads, cakes, cookies, fried foods and other processed foods can not maintain a healthy state. Its not the one cookie, one fried appetizer or wheat/white bread you ate for lunch, its the one every day for 365 days for the last 20 years. Have you filled your diet with more lean meats and proteins such as Turkey, Chicken, Beef, Venison, Isolate Whey Protein. Are you now eating only carbohydrates that come from the earth such as yucca, yams, beans, brown rice and sweet potatoes? If you have that is great, but remember our bodies need to maintain an alkaline balance, this balance is met by eating foods that contain alkaline minerals and vitamins. This is a job of vegetables, now for many of you that word may make you cringe, but the minerals and vitamins in vegetables are essential in neutralizing the acidic properties brought on by a carbohydrate and protein driven diet. Now by no means am I telling you to put down that sandwich and go vegan. But a simple switch of mindset and foods could lead you to a much healthier and happier life style. For those that are constantly in a hurry (everyone I know) that is why advanced herbalists and iridologists like myself work with supplements. They are simple, fast and have pure concentrated “goodness” (that's a technical term ;-) in every dose. But not all products are the same, many places sell a poor quality product so that the mark up and profit is much higher, this unfortunately leads to either minimal or no effects for the natural health product. There are also a lot of products out there that have a ton of herbs, minerals or vitamins in them, but at minimal quantities (it takes high pure concentrations to get results). Think about it, when Harvard does a study on the actual benefits of a herb, vitamin or mineral do they use a small amount or a large concentration? You know the answer they use a large high quality concentration because you can only fit so much in one pill or bottle, you can fit a lot of small doses or a few select high concentrations. The quality and combination of specific herbs and minerals is a science and not what is necessarily on the news stand. The editor or writer of a magazine article that talks about a few herbs or minerals has in most cases never even taken a single class on the subject nor do they have any certifications or idea on the combinations that best assist the body. We always need to talk to an expert and though we know about herbs and vitamins its those experts who deal with individuals everyday and may have the angle, edge or information that makes the difference.

Look for products that are created in a GMP, QAI, and NSF certified manufacturing facility. How long have we bought herbs, vitamins and supplements only to continuously have the same problems, issues, health concerns. The same map and direction will always give the same results, that is why we need to sometimes change our direction in order to see the fruit of our labor.

It may be possible (something we have to say) to stimulate the body's cell production and regeneration with a synergistic combination of nutrients, herbs and enzymes designed to assist in the repair of connective tissue, joint, cartilage and helps fight pain and inflammation. The use of a tendon & joint formula that contains Glucosamine, Chondroitin Sulfate, MSM, CM8tm, BioCell Collagen Type II. These nutrients reside primarily in the joint cartilage. Research has shown that these ingredients can provide essential building blocks that are directly involved in the support and maintenance of healthy bones, joints, cartilage, tendons and ligaments. This may also help reduce the occurrence of muscle cramps caused by both inactivity or intense use of your muscular structure. An all natural blend to aid and support the bodies natural health and healing capabilities. Your body has the ability to regenerate and rebuild, lubricate and moisturize which can improve mobility and motion. These types of all natural high quality concentrations can aid the connective tissues and cartilage. These ingredients have been shown to support and aid in speeding up the healing process. Active athletes and mature adults looking to support oxidation damage, years of damage and pain from cartilage to chronic arthritis. The nutritional support can also enhance antioxidant and bioflavenoid effectiveness.

Joint, tendon, ligament and cartilage problems are among the most common afflictions Americans suffer from today. When these tissues become damaged the joint can become unstable. The body compensates this damage by forming bony and arthritic spurs. This causes increased friction which develops into pain and weakness. In more chronic situations this joint damage can result in lack of mobility and severe chronic pain. You want to avoid joint, tendon, ligament and cartilage problems by nourishing the body with the right amount and combination of nutrients and herbs. A synergistic combination of herbs and minerals designed to stimulate the bodies cell production of collagen which is the structural protein that repairs connective tissues. Calcium supplements containing a full spectrum mineral complex that is highly absorbable and helps strengthen bones, teeth, heart, nerve impulses and helps maintain the proper pH balance within the blood and body. Glucosamine which is a natural substance found in the cartilage of soft tissues that cushions the bones in the joints and provides them with a resilience property. Glucosamine is also involved in the formation of nails, tendons, skin, eyes, bones, ligaments and heart valves. As we age, the glucosamine in our cartilage depletes. Glucosamine and Chondroitin; which is another component of cartilage can assist the body in the maintenance and rebuilding of the existing connective tissue. MSM also known as methyl-sulfonyl-methane, has also been widely used for people and pets that display arthritic symptoms. MSM has shown to assist most body tissue damage and cartilage that has been impaired may be able to heal faster with MSM.

WebMD states; “Glucosamine in the body is used to make cartilage, a “cushion” that surrounds joints. In osteoarthritis, this cushion becomes thinner and stiff. Taking glucosamine sulfate as a supplement might help to supply the materials needed to rebuild cartilage.”

Howstuffworks states; “ Osteoblasts form new bones and increase the size of growing bones. This process is called ossification. Think of workers constructing a building – the process has a lot in common with the way osteoblasts build new bone. First, both need strong building blocks with which to form the finished product... Osteoblasts form bone from inorganic mineral salts, mainly calcium...”

Dr. J.M. Pujalte states; “collagen type II: contains glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate which works together to heal bones in the joints because they increase the absorption of calcium while also eliminating swelling.” Dr. J.M. Pujalte reported in the journal 'Current Medical Research & Opinion' that “glucosamine sulphate totally eliminated swelling and pain decreased by an average of 80% in a 3 month period. Other clinical tests showed similar results with walking speed increasing 72%. Many patients were symptom free in 6 months.”

High concentrations of high quality key ingredients are necessary to provide positive results. Work with results the same products and the same path will always get you the same results.
Change your path to change your results.

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