Downtown Lakeland BOOTCAMP & SELF EMPOWERMENT! these classes are ideal for people who want an intense workout in a fun, social, exciting and fast paced center that has you burning tons of calories in a very short period of time! Classes available that specifically address clients with no prior experience!

Our classes are based off of circuit and body weight group training. This allows us to tailor each workout to the individual needs and fitness levels of our clients. With a climate controlled 2600 sq ft facility in downtown lakeland we are close, convient and have a hall of fame instructor, personal trainer and certified nutritional coach that leads all of our classes. You are in good hands! ALL of our classes address beginnners and no prior experience is necessary to join!

Classes that will empower your body and mind and give you the results of a personal trainer! Feel the affects of our workout even after you leave, as our full body cardio and core training whips you into shape and has you burning the fat and sculpting your body. Group workout classes that use the latest body weight training and dynamic plyo-movements to motivational music and friends. This workout is based on a tried and true system that strengthens and builds power to every part of your body. Our Pilates and proven Ab training will have your mid-section begging for more, never the same workout from intervals, circuit training, cardio kickboxing and reality self defense.

Lakeland Kickboxing and Fitness Bootcamps at their best, right here in central flroida!

Single Session Boot Camp $15.00
not sure if your ready for a boot camp? Give it a try today and we are sure you will be back for more! Keep it fun, keep it exciting, burn those calories and make new memories!

116 east pine street, Lakeland Florida - phone # (863) 800-0171
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Intro Class $10
adult & teen bootcamp

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- self empowerment

- personal training
- beginner & advanced
- body resistance training
- body core conditioning
- fitness enthusiasts
- strength and power
- full body cardio
- weightloss

Figure Sculpting Mold and sculpt your body with each and every class you attend. Gain a skill, Empower your body and your confidence! Get the same results you would with a personal trainer in fun group class, making friends and memories. Look good and feel great in anything!