Carlson Gracie Brazilian Jiujitsu - Wanted Wing Chun in Vale Tudo Fighting?
(before the death of this great man did a double impact seminar with Samuel Kwok Wing Chun)

First Carlson Gracie did not do Wing Chun. This is a tribute.

To Great men in there arts, individuals who have Mastered their styles and reach out in friendship to other Masters and styles they respect. I have put Carlson Gracie here becuase I think he is a great man, he did not do Wing Chun but before his death Grandmaster Carlson Gracie, the "A Legend in Brazilian Jujitsu", visited the UK to begin a series of groundbreaking 'Double Impact' seminars. Bringing together Wing Chun students and his Jiu Jitsu students in training and friendship. I salute Samuel Kwok Wing Chun Grandmaster and Carlson Gracie Brazilian Jiujitsu Grandmaster for putting on this amazing seminar and inspiring so many to come together instead of driving us apart.

This is amazing and says alot about how we as practitioners, instructors and masters should be with one another.

I am proud that combat martial art practitioners can come together and see the benefit behind joining forces to make stronger and well versed fighters and practitioners. Wing Chun Kung Fu is a direct, effective, close range and powerful stand up fighting system. Brazilian Jiujitsu is by far one of the best ground systems known for its strength, tactics and liquid steel like practitioners and proven applications. Both systems seek to end a fight quickly in their own way. Instead of debating which is better on its own we are coming together to develop a mutually joining force of powerful striking, trapping, choking, submitting, standup and ground. The two arts are powerful why should we limit ourselves and waste time on debating when we could be helping each other train.

There may be people that might ask "Why are Wing Chun people doing a seminar with BJJ people"? I ask you why not? It is also possible that alot of ground fighters will ask why BJJ (Brazilian Jiujitsu) is working with Wing Chun Kung Fu people.

The point is advancement, both systems are extremely powerful and I must say that I highly respect Carlson Gracie and Brazilian Jiujitsu. Carlson Gracie wanted Wing Chun in Vale Tude Fighting (no rules combat) alongside BJJ. There is no politics when it comes to street survival so why should we get political about our arts? Training for survival is key, lets leave it at that and training always to make those around us better.

I have many Brazilian Jiujitsu practitioner friends, the art is amazing and not limited to ground but only to the imagination and determination of the practitioner. In so many ways it reminds me of Wing Chun in that it wants the practitioner to grow from within. You are the key to your own survival and you are the limit to your ability, knowledge and skill, keep training and keep growing. Let's come together and grow, for out of the billions on this planet should we really argue or come together and become stronger because we know and train with each other, build each other up and strive in one united goal.

This again is a article to show respect and admiration for those in any system that seek friendship and mutual respect through training and sharing, I hope it inspires you to seek out what these Grandmasters have already come to.

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