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Christina Wagner - Wing Tsun (women's self defense)

Wing Chun was created by a woman and passed down to another woman for true self protection against larger male attackers. It worked so well that it was also taught to men who saw the skill and ability it gave to the women they loved. Since every martial art was made by a man to defeat a man, a martial art made by a woman to defeat a man set a new level in the martial art world. Wing Chun was created to have any person of any size and strength stop a larger more aggressive attacker.

Yip Man Wing Chun History The oral history of the Yip Man branch of Wing Chun dates its creation to the reign of the Emperor Kangxi (1662–1722). After escaping the destruction of the Fujian Shaolin Monastery by Qing forces, the Abbess Ng Mui fled to the distant Daliang mountains (大涼山) on the border between Yunnan and Sichuan. One day, she came upon a fight between a snake and a crane (or other animal). She took the lessons she learned from observing the fight between the two animals and combined them with her own knowledge of Shaolin kung fu to create a new style. Ng Mui often bought her bean curd at the tofu shop of Yim Yee (嚴二). Yim Yee had a daughter named Yim Wing-Chun (嚴詠春) whom a local warlord was trying to force into marriage. Ng Mui taught her new fighting style to Wing-Chun, who used it to fend off the warlord once and for all. Wing-Chun eventually married a man she loved, Leung Bok-Chao (梁博儔), to whom she taught the fighting techniques that Ng Mui had passed on to her. Husband and wife in turn passed the new style on to others. - written by wikipedia ( a short history on Wing Chun / Wing Tsun)




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