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Ip Man Biopic Movie - the story of our founder Ip Man
(acted out by Donnie Yen, this movie shows the true heart of Wing Chun)

A great Wing Chun demonstration from the biopic movie Ip Man (2008) this movie is based off of the life of our founder Grandmaster Ip Man. This very well-known Grandmaster in China and now the World demonstrates the style of Wing Chun (Wing Tsun/Ving Tsun). This fighting style was taught to the Late Bruce Lee.

Wing Chun Kung Fu as taught under Ip Man is a style based on survival under the harshest situations know to mankind. It was created for the safety of its people and practitioners. Training in Wing Chun Kung Fu can give you life balance for the mind, body and soul. This is the story of our founder and what he wanted for you and your family, the uplifting confidence, protection and life you and your loved ones deserve to have.



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