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What martial art should I train in? What is Wing Chun Kung Fu or Krav Maga? What is the Best Martial Art?
An Unbiased opinion on Krav Maga and Wing Chun By Lauren Shields
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Thanks to Hollywood, interest in brutally effective hand-to-hand combat styles has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years. Men and women alike are taking responsibility for their personal safety and looking for practical ways to defend themselves; however, it can be hard to decide between all the available martial arts, especially since a layperson may have difficulty getting the whole picture of any system they may be considering. Shows and movies like 24 and Taken have brought the terms “Krav Maga” and “Wing Chun” into American vocabulary. As those which are perhaps best known for effectiveness in self-defense, both Krav Maga and Wing Chun are designed to neutralize an opponent as quickly as possible, to stop an attack and make sure that the opponent cannot attack again. However, there are notable differences between the two.

Krav Maga, a fighting style which is currently taught to the FBI, DEA and regular and special forces in Israel, was developed in the 1930s. Initially a defense against Nazi troops for the Jews in the ghettos of Bratislava, Krav Maga’s creator, Imi Lichtenfeld, refined his fighting techniques while acting as Chief Instructor of Physical Fitness at the Israel Defense Forces School of Combat Fitness. Lichtenfeld was a trained boxer and wrestler, and during his fifteen years with what would become the IDF (Israel Defense Forces, famed for its members’ efficiency in hand-to-hand combat) he refined and taught a total system of self-defense which combined traditional Eastern European street fighting, military combat, Boxing, Muay Thai, Wing Chun, western wrestling, and Ju-Jitsu.1 The end result was a mixture of arm/ leg/ head strikes, throws and takedowns, ground fighting, and gun/ knife/ stick defenses. Non-civilian Krav Maga students learn what to do in street patrol or combat situations, as well as how to evacuate a VIP through a hostile crowd, making it a favored skill for personal protection agents. Krav Maga, designed by and for military personnel, is unmatched in popularity among special forces training operations around the world.

Wing Chun, on the other hand, was developed by several grandmasters from the Southern Sil lum Shaolin temple; it was then refined and polished by a woman, according to legend. This style of combat was created for war to be quick, effective and devastating in the hands of a woman or a weaker, less experienced fighter, though experienced martial artists would see an increase in speed, reaction, timing and power when properly trained. It is one of the last mixed close combat shaolin martial arts to be systematized using the best elements of all the Chinese martial arts, and it was created to be practical, direct and faster to learn than any other style. This was achieved by the emergence of a directive different from most martial arts of the time: the aim of Wing Chun is to deflect the force created in close combat, rather than to meet the force with strength.

Wing Chun focuses attacks on the vital areas of the body in a quick and devastating fashion, with complete offensive and defensive attacking both high and low areas of weakness such as the eyes, groin, knees, and throat. It even includes body hardening and toughening techniques on hardwood devices called Mook Jongs or Wooden Dummies.; training with these dummies is designed to strengthen the body, mind, and techniques of the practitioner. Wing Chun also goes over takedown and takedown defense as well as weapons training in knife, gun, stick, 6 foot and 8 foot pole (called “dragon pole” in China) and bart chum do butterfly swords and machete offense and defense. Every drill, technique and movement in Wing Chun was created to develop intense, reflexive responses to confrontation in its practitioners. Thanks to its effectiveness in stopping and dropping opponents, it is currently in use as the official defensive martial arts system for China airlines.

Both Wing Chun and Krav Maga are effective, efficient fighting systems which are known to neutralize attackers quickly by striking the body’s most vulnerable spots. Both Wing Chun and Krav Maga are popular as self-defense training for American civilians; however, Wing Chun is not only useful in combat or street situations, but is backed up by hundreds of years of refinement and practice, making it the undefeated fighting style of Bruce Lee, Wong Shun Leung, and Yip Man who used it in hundreds of no-rules fights with ex-military, Western/Russian boxers, kung fu, karate, taekwondo and wrestlers. In addition, Wing Chun was designed by a female civilian martial art master as a practical way to protect herself and passed down to others who shared an immediate need to feel safe against anyone, not just a soldier, who might threaten him or her. Though Krav Maga is effective, as a derivative of Wing Chun my conclusion is that Wing Chun has unique specific training, drastic reflex drills, body conditioning and devastating power that will give any size or experienced practitioner a huge edge.

Researched and Written by Lauren Shields,
Independent Researcher and Writer



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1. Martial arts of the world: an encyclopedia, page 306-313, ABC-CLIO, 2001, edited by Thomas A. Green

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