Excutive weapon training classes (knife and gun) Those of you who have heard of Krav Maga, Silat, Indonesian & Israeli Knife Fighting, Kali and Escrima than you are on the right track. Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) Knife and Gun classes teach you the reflexes and reality of knife and gun training. From the offensive quick striking and takeover tactics deep in the heart of this reality based martial art. To the Defensive Mind and Body tactics you will need when faced with the worse case scenario. You are unarmed, you and your family is in danger. Do you know how to execute and disable an attacker with a knife or a gun using devastating hand to hand tactics in split second? You need to learn how to control the delivery system while shutting down the attacker quickly. We will train you in reactionary tactics, drills and combinations that will be demonstrated and trained on class after class so you can make them an absolutely shocking reaction to your attackers presence. Your understanding of the Psychology and ability of your attacker and your ability to defend yourself is our number one priority during these classes.

Classes available that specifically address clients with no prior experience!

Much like our reality based martial arts training course (wing chun) many of our students in this course have come from every walk of life, from parents fearing home invasion, child abduction and teens about to go to college. Even marines, rangers and police attend our classes to advance their capabilities, so can you. Teaching professional protection in armed and unarmed scenario's versus a knife, gun and stick confrontations. Attacks and drills that start in stand up and then have you sprawled on the ground with a training knife in your partners hand, we will teach you what to do. Learn to control the delivery system of the attacker and get valued indepth knowledge and practice with other like minded clients. You know that when an attacker comes and you or your family is in danger the only guarenteed success is the one trained for and walked away from.

Executive Bootcamp knife and gun training courses are taught in our 2600 sq ft downtown lakeland center. Close and convient you are moments away from our next executive knife, gun and stick training course!

5 classes for 55.00
not sure if your ready? the reality safety you have been searching for! Every class teaches a new angle and advanced course, weekly courses are available!

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360 degree protection training memberships available as well as month to month memberships

116 east pine street, Lakeland Florida - phone # (863) 800-0171
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knife and gun program

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- Executive Information
- professional protection
- unarmed -vs- knife
- defense -vs- gun
- valued indepth practice
- ground knife defense
- knife attack psychology
- solo mastery of the knife

- partner knife drills
- combat knife scenarios

Family & Personal Safety
Train reactions in reality based scenarios. Gain true value and skill, this course is not about memorizing a collection of knife drills. Instead develop quick life altering reactions. Tactics and strategies from standup to ground. Become realisitically and adequately trained.