Understanding the "Foundational Basics"
The interpretations of the Basics in Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) Lakeland Martial Arts
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Wing Chun basics, there are so many interpretations of the basics of Wing Chun Kung Fu. Plus there are many ways to learn Wing Chun Kung Fu and since every Wing Chun Kung Fu school looks at the basics differently there is no set pattern for the art. Instead there are reaction drills, forms and specific techniques that are associated with the Wing Chun Kung Fu System. Some practitioners will only teach what is in the forms, while others teach fighting combinations and a compilation of a reaction series of fighting and flowing moves from Wing Chun forms, drills and fighting principle. But no matter how you learn you can only get as good as the Instructor you train under, it is then up to you to Master the system by learning from other Masters proven in there prowess and technique. Some believe in teaching the forms first while instructing students in Chi Sau (sticking hands) and the mook jong (wooden dummy) from day one. Some don't believe in sparring others do. We were taught differently as well, We were taught to spar and fight at every step of the training, to learn from day one different series of combinations and attacks and to use these as reference for reaction and not as a set but rather a series of reactions that worked well with one another and were interchangeable with the rest of the Wing Chun Kung Fu fighting techniques. Our instruction was based off of seeing, feeling and being able to execute these combinations first for survival purposes. The forms were taught but not focused on solely but rather understood that as you trained and practiced and got better so to would your forms. Forms would not keep you alive on the street so combinations, fighting application and reality street training and scenarios were a daily subject. The names and history of our forefathers was discussed weekly giving respect back to where each and every technique we trained on came from. Respect for those that have bled, died, sacrificed and given all they had to provide you with survival is honor that should be passed down to the understanding of every generation in my opinion. Wing Chun is a reaction martial art, being taught a proven series of flowing techniques that could be used interchangeably helped to create practitioners in our school that could adapt to different situations quickly. Remember that there are many roads to learn Wing Chun Kung Fu, ours is only one of those roads if one of our techniques makes sense and keeps with the Principles of Wing Chun Kung Fu and may help you or a loved one to survive then do not dismiss it but rather take it in. Any good technique that helps us to survive is vital along the path to Mastery of self and martial combat alike. Keeping your eyes and ears available to information is what allows us to grow as practitioners, no man or woman can know all of Wing Chun alone because each practitioner is taught to look at Wing Chun deeply and through there own mind. It is what makes Wing Chun Kung Fu powerful, each practitioner is not a copy but a General in an army of powerful moves and tactics. Moving along through his/her career in battle a General draws upon the knowledge and experience of other Generals and soldiers to take in new thoughts and new strategies into the modern age of survival.

Since the understanding of what the true basics of Wing Chun Kung Fu are, we have broken down these techniques into stages or belts under our system. Under our system sparring, close range and distance fighting are taught first with a emphasizes on Chi Sau and Wooden Dummy as perfection devices to be used after you have achieved the ability to spar and fight with the Fundamentals and Advanced combinations. Practice and get a complete understanding of all basics by building on the power and speed through drills, advanced combinations, sensitivity training, body hardening and conditioning, endurance training, sparring and reaction drills provide. By working on each stage of basics you can Master the art within yourself by constantly challenging yourself and what you think you have down

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