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“Wing Chun Martial Arts and Kung Fu” is run by Justin Och an Advanced Wing Chun Kung Fu practitioner with 21 years experience int the martial arts. Awarded by the USA Black Belt Hall of Fame “Inspirational Leader in Combative Wing Chun” and “Wing Chun Kung Fu Instructor of the Year”. Our Lakeland Martial Art School is located in Polk County at 116 east pine street, Lakeland Florida

First lets get this out of the way, reality based martial arts, effecive family self defense, discipline, fitness, cardio, more confidence, kicking, chain punching, effective, extreme speed, quick and to the point, krav maga, ip man ving tsun, wing chun kung fu, bruce lee's jeet kune do, JKD, determination, enlightenment. Ok now that I've said the things Wing Chun has helped create or made stronger we can get to the good stuff!

We want to learn life skills, gaining more out of the same time we place into our day. There are many ways get in shape, but we don't like being bored. We are all intensely busy and want to make the most out of our day and time while achieving our life goals. There are many ways to strengthen the mind and body while bringing discipline and character, toning and leaning out. We also know that mind and body education has been taught in chinese kung fu for over 5000 years. Original Martial Arts didn't emphasize on elegance, points or sports oriented mentalities, its only interest was in the simplicity of using the most highly effective and proficient techniques available. With time, dedication and training you can you make the skills and confidence your own. Not all martial arts are the same, in fact most people believe that everything is either Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Jiu Jitsu or Flashy Kung fu, or a Mix. Martial arts just like dance or fitness are very different from each other and finding the right one can make your goals a reality. This is the beauty in complete martial arts and the benefit for time spent.

Total body fitness, weightloss and building power can be an amazing exercise on its own molding and shaping the contours of your arm muscles, back and build tone.

Exceed in diligent training. - Dedication and diligence pays off in every aspect of our lives, the more dedicated we are the more life gives back to us. The truth is any art can be robbed of its effectiveness and greatness if those who train in it fail to work hard and be diligent. With a history of great warriors and survival methods hard work and determination will reward you in every aspect of your life.

Remember that diversity in your martial art training can keep you interested and at your best. Making you and your time effective. Classes that allow you to focus and accomplish preset goals, letting you know what you have done and are about to do will keep you on track.

Stretching & Forms Class – (relaxed – physically light)
You may be more into the internal “Tai Chi Kung Fu” applications of the martial arts, the Yin relaxed aspects, the slow movements, the in depth details behind every slow motion, the understanding of body movements in relation to balance, economy of motion and body mechanics, flexibility, increased mobility in joints and relaxation of the mind and body.

Wrist -vs- Wrist Class – (relaxed to physically intense)
If you have ever watched a kung fu movie and seen the flowing fighting back and forth this is a “Human Chess Match” of the mind and body, this is Wrist -vs- Wrist. Many styles have tried to mimic it but the truth is most have no clue what to do with it. Wrist -vs- Wrist works on the sensitivity of the body in its relation and reaction of the mind and muscle memory. This increases focus and mental awareness. Allowing the mind and body to drift into the subconscious as your focused reaction redirects and counters your partner at every step. The art of Wing Chun Kung Fu is famous for its use of this and other drills that create the “Human Chess Match”. Used at all ages.

Endurance & core workout classes – (moderate to extremely intense)
Weight loss and toning workouts will have you sweating from head to toe. These types of classes will have you wanting a healthier mind and body just so you can fully enjoy them. Families, Friends and Children can train in these classes! Finding a tailored fitness class for every type of body isn't as hard as you might think.

Cardio & Ab Training – (moderate to intense)
Toned abdominal muscles, essential in any beach visit this summer! Reached through cardio and core training. Make sure no class is the same, this will increase your results and have you getting in shape quicker for the summer. A great looking body is a year round confidence boost, we don't have to wait till summer before we start looking good!

Scenario Encounter's – (light to moderate)
Learning a skill takes encounter's and drilling over much needed self defense tactics that occur in Real Life. From stand up to ground you need to learn how to stop an assailant and minimize the effect and damage a attacker is trying to cause. This is for the safety of our loved ones and our children, if not for us definitely for them. This is where all your martial art training comes together, the full understanding of how to stop an assailant at your car, a home invasion, attempted child abduction or female assult. Finding a school that doesn't make you wait till you are a black belt is huge, we know of a few.

All ages, Adults and Kids – (light, moderate and intense)
“Age Appropriate” we mention this because we believe that this is essential. It is hard to believe that all of the same techniques we teach to a 4 year old would be just as good for a 48 year old. Both age groups may see an encounter but both will have to deal with completely different types of attackers. Teaching a person for tournaments or point sparring versus the street is also completely different. You have to find a school that best suits your needs, are you looking for tournaments or street wise tactics and techniques. We suggest a finding a school focused on your needs instead of trying to meet all the needs of every person. A focused school, with focused techniques will get you focused results. That is why there are many schools with many focuses, some try to reach a broad audience and do a little bit of everything and some focus just on tournaments or point matches, while others focus on cage fighting and still others focus on just street tactics and survival against a knife, gun, stick or assailant against our loved ones. Find what you want to focus on and then find the school that best suits you, if you don't know, participate in a free trial and ask the instructor to lead you in the right direction. If there school doesn't match your current goals they should be able to tell you what school in the area can. This doesn't mean they are not a good school, instead this means they are a school focused on the needs of community.

“Results happen by changing the path you have always taken.”

Written by Chief Instructor;
SIFU Justin Och
(863) 800-0171
Downtown Kung Fu and Martial Arts
116 East Pine Street, Lakeland Florida

Black & Gold Sash in Wing Chun Kung Fu
American Black Belt Hall of Fame Leader in Combative Wing Chun Kung Fu
American Black Belt Hall of Fame Instructor of the Year

116 east pine street, Lakeland Florida - phone # (863) 800-0171
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