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Nicholas Cage & Robert Downey Jr, Wing Chun Kung Fu Connection!

Nicholas Cage demonstrates Wing Chun Kung Fu in "Bangkok Dangerous", Celebrities are now coming out about there secret passion for this extremely effective martial art. Needing the balance of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual with the combination of extremely effective real life threat assesment and protection against everything from kidnappers to crazed fans. Robert Downey Jr. is one of the most diverse actors of our time.

In one of his more recent roles in Sherlock Holmes Robert Downey Jr. was given the opportunity to display some of his passions in the martial arts. As a long time practitioner in the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu he brought this combative art to the silver screen. Even recently boasted about the importance of his training on the Regis and Kelly morning show.

Robert Downey Jr. professes his love for the internal and external effectiveness of this art in real life scenarios and how it has helped not only keep him and his loved ones safe but has brought a new sense of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.


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