Practice and Precision
What is your intent when you practice and the intent of Martial Arts practice?
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Make sure that every time you practice you practice for power, speed, precision, endurance, intent and accuracy. Practicing for perfection is not enough, perfection of speed alone will show lack of power, hit a person with 100 chain punches and without power they will falter. Power alone without intent or speed will falter as well, you must practice for speed, power, precision, endurance, accuracy and intent.

Building power takes time, but not as much as you might think. It takes dynamic use of body training against resisting objects such as focus mitts, hanging bags, rice bags, wooden dummies, speed bags, free weight and body weight training, muscle confusion and anything that can build the useful striking power behind your blows. Do pushups, strike a focus mitt 1000 times a day, do what ever you have available to you to build yourself and your ability to survive. Nothing is sacred when building power as long as it is useable power. Lifting and Benching 500lbs a few times during a workout will not be as useful to you on the street as taking 50-100lbs and lifting it 30x-50x times. Punching 10-50 times with a 25lb weight in each hand will not be as useful as two 5-8lb weights and a 500-1000 punches. Power against resistance is the first step, the next is practicing against a moving target and then with a sparring partner, you can have power but if you can't land it or if you can't land it in the right places you have useless power. Useless power is good to no one for survival work on every aspect of your training.

Building speed takes time, but not as much as you might think. Building speed alongside of power will be a huge benefit to you. You need to work on repetition, get together with a friend, challenge each other, push one another to do more and to go for higher numbers, in our school of Wing Chun Kung Fu we are always pushing the bar. We will have students do 100 chain punches, 100 double punches, 100 back fist on there left, then right, 100 uppercuts with a wu sau guard at the same time, then 800 more chain punches and then repeat the whole drill. Since you are throwing two punches together for your double punches you are completing 2800 all together, we then put time limits on the students to gain more speed, but they are warned against completing the time limit at the sacrifice of power. Power and accuracy is pushed along side speed, if you don't have the power and accuracy but you have the speed you have almost nothing. Why almost? Because a quick strike to the throat, eyes and groin doesn't take much power, but an engaged or armed assailants eyes, groin and throat are much harder to strike, you will need you speed and power to stop shut an assailant.

Precision and accuracy are extremely important, say you have speed and power, but no precision and accuracy. You end up being confronted by a well trained and hardened fighter who can take blows and though you can deliver fast strikes and power you can't deliver them were it counts, you will probably lose, because even if the fighter is not as fast as you are if they have power and precision they may still win. Precision increases your survival, your power and your speed, it makes everything better, it makes you better. Work on your precision while working on your power and speed, this will maximize your training time. Create small targets on your training bags and focus mitts, create flowing combinations that allow you to move and perceive openings that may be struck during a fight in yourself while attacking. Striking precision and accuracy without considering your own openings is a set up for failure. Strike and train for the areas open on your opponents while constantly thinking and training for how you would destroy yourself in battle. By constantly perceiving how you would stop yourself, you will increase your chances of survival by making those weaknesses into strengths.

Endurance is built by pushing your limits, each time you push yourself further than the last time you will increase your endurance. But endurance is not just important in a single limb, Tai Chi considers the body to have five bows, as in “bow and arrow” whereas each limb is a bow, each arm a bow, each leg a bow and the body and spine are the fifth bow. When combined with the expression of springing power (snapping relaxing and contracting speed for Wing Chun Kung Fu) you create a 5 bow and single combination power that is backed up by the entire body instead of a single element. Endurance must be built in every bow the body is included in that, your ability to keep fighting and not run out of gas while in the midst of the fight. You need to prepare yourself to go for extreme durations, training your body in this manner will increase your ability to deliver your speed, power and accuracy over a longer period and thus increase these abilities and skills when in need. Endurance is dynamic like most of the above training mentioned, you must train high and low, using muscle confusion and sparring over long periods, pushing your body past its normal limitations can increase your endurance, so can training to strike in stand up and then on the ground those who have endurance in stand up will find a different power and endurance on the ground. Training for power on the ground and standup will increase your endurance all over, though Wing Chun Kung Fu is a 90% stand up system at our school we still train and educate Wing Chun for the ground. Not only for endurance but to better understand the depth of our art and how universal it truly is.

For those of you asking why Wing Chun Kung Fu is mostly 90% stand up with all of the talk of ground today, I will briefly explain. My explanation is not to say that ground is “not” and Wing Chun “is”. To put down another survival system to boost your own is to say there is only one way to learn to survive and that yours is the only way. This is not only false but is small minded, there are many paths to survival and all are good. Effective techniques whether stand up or ground or both is effective and thus should be understood. Instead rather take my explanation as my interpretation and opinion of Wing Chun Kung Fu's admittance of heavy ground in its system. In the art of Wing Chun any technique taught can have a knife placed in either hand, making our fast hands and trapping techniques that more deadly. Since most training was based off of one or multiple opponents attacking you for street or war situations going to the ground was not optimal, if you went to the ground the opponent may have a knife. Being that close in proximity would lower your chances of survival against such an opponent, plus in most cases opponents had friends, which could kick, punch, stab or shoot you if you went to the gound. Wing Chun Kung Fu's hands and feet techniques were made so that you could move in and out of these opponents quickly if needed. If they had a sword, knife or gun you could remain mobile to increase your chances of survival. Mobility in a attack, whether to run or continue fighting was key. If an opponent tries to take a Wing Chun Kung Fu practitioner to the ground there are many techniques that a practitioner is taught to try to avoid and stop these types of aggressions. From various strikes to the neck, spine and throat to jamming and sprawling type techniques used in conjunction with our hands and feet. If a practitioner is taken to the ground they are taught techniques to stop, reverse, strike back and redirect them just like they would through chi sau, sticking hands and sparring against a resisting opponent. Old and Modern Wing Chun also taught to keep conceal not only the baart chum do swords but also smaller knives on you, just in case you were to get into a stand up or ground situation where they were needed. Think of the speed and accuracy practiced by Wing Chun and place a knife in its hand, same would go for survival on the ground. If you were to fight the opponent and pull a knife it would change the entire dynamic of survival. Survival is all that counts in any art, stand up, ground, Wing Chun Kung Fu or any type of Martial Art. It is all important, because it is all about survival.

Every action and reaction you have must have intent. Intent is the determining factor when fighting. If you believe that you can have passive intentions against a aggressive sociopath your intent may not will fall short of survival and protecting your loved ones. Your intentions during the fight will determine how much power, speed and precision you place into the fight. Your intentions will also determine how far your able to go to survive, not how far you are willing to. You may be willing to go as far as needed to survive but if your intentions don't follow your Will to survive you won't. Your intentions are the foundation behind everyone of your skills and techniques. Whether you are training with a friend and your intentions are to go controlled and hard or soft, or your intentions on the street when your life is on the line and you have to use all the power, speed, endurance and precision under your belt to stop this attacker. Work on the mindset of intention, visualize during training that intention and what your fighting for and you will train harder through visualized motivation.

“Change the Way you have always done things and change your future.”

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