Slipping, Shifting Body, Foundation and Rooting
Angles that allow you to escape the full power of an attacker, only taught in Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) Kung Fu
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Redirecting Energy is all throughout Wing Chun, from the understanding of Shifting and moving the body at angles to escape the full strikes and blows of an incoming opponents much like that of a boxer slip. Though we were not taught to go around with just our heads but instead to move the entire body allowing the full energy of our opponent's strikes to slip past the center of our bodies while learning to deliver fast and powerful simultaneous attack and defense. Wing Chun basics build on the foundational core of what makes each part of Wing Chun effective, first building a foundation that is rooted but allows your opponents attacks to slip past you is extremely important. Foundational rooting and body slipping never allows blow to hit and sink into the center core of your body, which could cause immense damage. Considering most of the vital areas on your body are located along the centerline, Wing Chun looks to protect this center within ourselves and devastate the centerline vitals along our opponent(s). Wing Chun body shifting allows the hits and strikes to glance off of your body as it moves, shifts or adjusts to let that blow slip off your core never allowing it to truly deliver its original intended force directly to your organs, spine or vitals. Moving, Shifting and adjusting the body in this manner also extends the bodies striking reach, so as your opponents blow slips off your center you are given extended reach to hit theirs while blocking simultaneously. Foundational rooting assists you in delivering more power, as you strike you sink into the ground. This improves your power with each blow and simultaneous block delivered. Foundational rooting also keeps you at odds with your opponents efforts to uproot you and throw you off balance and instead can assist you in uprooting and unbalancing your opponents footwork, body and fighting movements. An opponent that is off balance is an opponent that can not attack or defend effectively. Always seek to improve this first step, the stronger your balance is the more effective every movement you deliver is.

Also seek to improve your ability to compromise your opponents balance at all times without compromising your own. This will open up a multitude of opportunities to attack your opponent quickly and efficiently. Practice constantly against resisting opponents, ask them to attack you and do whatever they can think of to get you off balance. Suit up your training partner in protective gear, this will allow you to feel what attacks you are able to get off and which attacks you still need to practice. Suiting up your partner in protective gear will also give your partner the confidence to attack you harder and put more resistance against you because they feel safe enough to do so. Without the fear of being injured any man/woman will attack stronger and harder than they would have before. Being able to control your foundation and the foundation of your opponent during a fight while adrenaline, stress, anxiety, panic and fear take hold is not an over night process. Yet being able to stay calm and completely reactionary is one of the most advanced stages you can get to in any art. To advance yourself further use one and then multiple attackers to increase your abilities and skills. Use training knives, guns, bats, sticks, stand up and ground tactics and other weapons at random while sparring or simulating street attacks to increase reaction, speed and ability. By training body muscle awareness and reaction into the very tendon's and muscles and practitioner can more easily defend the vital areas of the body while creating offensive attacks towards the opponents vital areas. Through a multitude of drills, forms, sticking hands, Chi Sau, wrist -vs- wrist, sparring, partner reaction drills and Wooden Dummy training the body is trained to gain “Reactive Perspective” This Reactive Perspective allows the body to feel a movement and then react accordingly without thought. Shifting, turning, escaping and angling are all parts of a practitioners arsenal never compromising its structure and protection to gain a more powerful attack.

A practitioner believes that compromising ones structure or vital openings to gain a more powerful attack always leaves one open for a gamble which may be lost. Instead a practitioner believes in fast foundationally rooted attacks that can assist to create and offensive and defensive powerline straight to the opponents center. This leaves less openings to be exploited and “Foundational Rooting” also means drawing power from the ground, nothing is more powerful than your connection to the ground. When using your footwork and mobility training, make sure you are pressing off the back heels of your feet, this will give you immense amounts of power with every step and every simultaneous strike and defense. Every block and attack when pushed on, when given resistance should be felt in the feet, your structure is not one “bow” it is five bows it is a complete unit drawing power and grounding power into the earth below you. Your foundation gives you power but also has the ability to disperse your opponents at the same time. A practitioners stance is like bamboo which is firm, flexible and very strong, it yields and moves with pressure yet is rooted and unforgiving in the right hands. This type of foundation and balance of power and flexible strength can deflect external force and redirect it around its core. By using this type of redirecting yet uncompromising structure a practitioner can recover from aggressive assaults quickly and maintain there power to counter-attack.

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