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Yip Chun at 86 years old, talking about the Health benefits of Wing Chun.
(son of Ip Man, Yip Chun trains for the internal peace and health of the art.)

"If you know Bruce Lee and his fighting method, then you know Ip Man. Following the huge success of this years action packed story of the modern founder of Wing Chun Kung Fu and its impact on the World, we meet his son Yip Chun 84yrs old in this video and still very much alive and still practicing. Following the success of the blockbuster Hit "IP MAN" a biopic of the legendary Wing Chun Grandmaster, instructor and mentor to late Bruce Lee. A revival of the Chinese martial art Wing Chun Kung Fu has taken Hong Kong by storm. You will see in this video SIFU Ip Chun, son and successor of none other than Modern founder Grandmaster Ip Man. He currently teaches classes at the Ving Tsun Athletic Association's headquarters in Mong Kok, China which was established in 1967. Though the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu was developed both internal and external peace and combative survival in the harshest situations. Ip Chun prefers to see Wing Chun as a health regimen rather than just a form of combat. At 84yrs old he tells us about all things Wing Chun and his thoughts on the future of the martial art in today's society."




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